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Living Your Full Potential - Step 1 Self-Healing


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This concept changed my life when I met it in 2000.

Through 5 steps given in this challenge, I will bring you through meditations that will help you remember this. That you are a being of light.

“At this time, many of us are reawakening to the truth of who we are, because we are living amidst such large-scale changes in the world.

We need to access this light, not only to survive but thrive as we shift into a new order of consciousness. As the changes around us proceed in such speed, we will want to be able to trust our own ability to sense what is happening and how we can best respond.

We are no longer living in a predictable world in which we can trust external authority figures and old ideas to guide us.

We need to be able to access the information that will help us navigate these uncertain waters, and the ultimate authority resides in our awareness of ourselves as beings of light”.

This is essentially what healing is about – to remember we are light and love in our essence